​​​​​​Angela Kelly

The Association for Body Mapping Education is an organization that I have been working with for the last eight years. I am finalizing my certification to become a fully licensed Body Mapping Educator and I am so excited to share some of this work with musicians around the country and beyond. 

What is Body Mapping?

Well, let me share with you what Body Mapping is, and what it is to me.

Body Mapping is learning how to work and play from a place of whole body balance. This, along with many other things, allows musicians play with greater ease and freedom.

Understanding how our bodies are supposed to move and function is the key to unlocking tension, easing pain and minimizing limitation. Most importantly, these things help to avoid injury in musicians, allowing for a lifetime of music making comfort and happiness.

I have had own success in my own playing and found the results of this work to be astounding for the students I work with each week.

Please feel free to inquire more about this amazing work!